Abeam Technologies
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aBeam Technologies offers a variety of products in order to improve semiconductor manufacturing and nanofabrication. The firm develops products to simulate and optimize nanolithography, metrology, maskmaking and defect inspection. They are also used in the design and optimization of semiconductor equipment. In addition, the company sells photomasks and e-beam pattern generators as well as provides top-level nanofabrication. aBeam develops their products for customers in top level semiconductor factories and equipment makers, as well as R&D labs and universities, with uses including: Metrology: Optimization and calibration of CD-SEM is taken by the world’s most advanced Monte Carlo software. Automatic analysis of SEM images based on physical model is taken by myCD software. Simulation of optical scatterometry from the first principles of physics helps to understand the sensitivity of signals to process variation and applicability to specific measurements. Electron Beam Lithography: SEM metrology, electron beam lithography and e-beam defect inspection are indispensable parts of top level semiconductor manufacturing. aBeam’s products provide simulation tools to understand and optimize electron interaction with materials, electron scattering, charging, heating, energy deposition; electron trajectories inside solids and trajectories in complex electromagnetic fields. Nanofabrication: Although fabless, the company has access to clean room facilities to perform fabrication projects. The firm works closely with foundries and universities to preform fabrication of custom microelectronic and lightwave components. Dry Etch: Understanding and optimization of dry etch, film deposition and other processes require a lot of efforts. Modeling helps to understand these processes. The software simulates dynamics of etch profile, including such effects as trenching, footing, dispersion, microloading. It simulates profile, CDs and CD variation due to dry etch. The software can also handle complex processes such as double patterning and MEMS etch. Top Level Mask Making: A variety of products for top level maskmaking involving software to simulate and optimize electron beam lithography: linearity and printability of features, shot noise, resist heating, placement error due to charging. Other products are used to understand and optimize chrome etch and SEM metrology of masks including charging.

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