Ceramitron LLC
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Exachanging an an aggressive licensing effort, Ceramitron, LLC offers patented microscale mass spectrometer to OEMs in a number of target markets including medical gas, environmental and process monitoring, as well as industrial leak detection, semiconductor manufacturing and antiterrorism countermeasures. The "smart" multigas sensor developed by the principal sof the firm features a miniature, self-contained ceramic package specifically designed for remote deployment in harsh operating environments. Foreign patent applications have been filed.miniature sensor for weather balloons, land rovers and submarines. Other commercial applications may include monitoring landfills for greenhouse gas emissions. The sensor drastically reducies the size, weight and cost of a mass spectrometer — normally a laboratory instrument — to a disposable device the size of a tennis ball, The scalable postage stamp-sized microsensor is a 90-degree mass spectrometer with superimposed electric and magnetic fields that provide double-focusing for improved resolution. Mass range increases roughly as the square of its size. Units utilize a dual filament EI source to produce "standard" mass spectra. The novel unibody ceramic design, with photo lithographically-deposited elements, facilitates inexpensive, high-volume manufacturing of nearly identical units. Service is greatly simplified, as sensors are disposable and as easily replaced as a printer cartridge. Low power consumption makes them ideal for remote deployment using wireless mesh networks over extended operating ranges.

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