Acelot Inc
Business Identifier: drug discovery company focusing on finding effective disease-modifying therapies with minimal side-effects for central nervous system diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease.
Public Profile:
Acelot Inc is a drug development company applying patented searching and mining algorithms to complex biological and chemical data to discover new leads for central nervous system diseases and various types of cancer. The firm’s ability to analyze large biological pathways opens up new and previously unknown options for drug targets. Acelot's unique graph-based in-silico algorithm approach results in small molecule leads that are tailored to biological targets and screen against undesired targets, minimizing the risk of side-effects. The current suite of tools supports: screening of large chemical databases and scaffold hopping; discovery of active substructures for lead generation and optimization; ADMET prediction with structural reasoning; and advanced pharmacophore analysis. Acelot's drug discovery tools have been integrated into popular cheminformatics frameworks and are also offered as stand-alone solutions. The current drug discovery pipeline includes the following mechanisms-of-action: Beta-amyloid oligomer antagonists (Alzheimer's Disease); RXR agonists (Alzheimer's Disease); LXR/PPAR modulators (Alzheimer's Disease)

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Discovery Of A-Beta Oligomer Antagonists Via 3d Pharmacophore Space Analysis
Identifying Drug Leads via 3D Pharmacophore Space Analysis
Scalable tools for the analysis of chemical compounds using graph-based querying
Integration and analysis tools for protein interaction networks