Chlorogen Inc
Business Identifier: expression of pharmaceutical proteins in the chloroplasts of plants
Public Profile:
Chlorogen, Inc. is a biotechnology company specializing in the expression of pharmaceutical proteins in the chloroplasts of plants. Through its patented chloroplast transformation technology, Chlorogen is committed to being a world-class producer of beneficial proteins and antibodies for human therapy. In addition to co-developing pharmaceutical pipeline, the firm is pursuing collaborative arrangements in other markets, such as food and feed, biopolymers and biodefense. Chlorogen's patented chloroplast technology permits the expression of foreign proteins only within plant chloroplasts. According to Chlorogen, this provides two significant benefits. First, the chloroplast technology dramatically enhances the protein production of a cell. Second, because chloroplast DNA is not inherited through pollen, Chlorogen's technology can prevent foreign genes from being transferred to other crops through pollen. Chlorogen's initial focus will be on developing pharmaceutical proteins in tobacco. Through an agreement with Kentucky BioProcessing, LLC the firm collaborates on a process to scale up development of an ovarian cancer drug produced in the cells of tobacco plants. Chlorogen, through its patented technology, has produced a cancer-fighting protein in tobacco cells. Kentucky BioProcessing (KBP) will use its expertise to develop a process to extract the protein from the tobacco and purify it for therapeutic use.

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