Acera Biosciences Inc
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Acera Biosciences, Inc. provides biotech solutions for the development of drug production systems for abandoned or under-explored natural compounds. The company also provides the modification of compounds through the attachment of unique sugars. Acera's two current products include the Acera Drug Production Development Solution and the Acera Drug Modification Solution.. Acera Biosciences, Inc (Acera) is a biotechnology company providing natural product biosynthetic pathways and expression systems for the development and manufacturing of: natural products, new chemical entities (NCEs), modification of new or existing drug leads, and development of biocatalysts. The targeted industries for products and services include pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and agrochemical. Acera combines proprietary and industrial technologies for cloning, expressing, and manipulating genetic material to provide high value chemicals and biocatalysts. Acera has an exclusive licensing agreement with the University of Minnesota for certain patented technologies,as well as future technology refinements, improvements, and inventions. Thus, Acera has the technology and commercial resources to play a key role in drug development from discovery through manufacturing along with earning worldwide recognition as a preferred supplier of fine chemicals and biocatalysts. Acera utilizes proprietary technology to isolate, clone, define, and express biosynthetic pathways in the manufacturing of unique natural product compounds foruse as new or the modification of existing drugs. Acera can provide these services in support of drug research and development of third party partners.

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