Chromatofast Inc
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Chromatofast is in the field related to areas of fast GC including inlets, columns, and other multidimensional techniques. Chromatofast obtained an exclusive license to these technologies and further refined the art of fast GC. Chromatofast Inc manufactures cryofocusing inlet system for high-speed gas chromatography inlet systems that retrofit to gas chromatographs that convert conventional laboratory gas chromatograph to high-speed gas chromatograph. Applications for both liquid and gaseous samples will be featured which demonstrate analysis times as low as 30s with sub ppb detection limits. Gases can be sampled directly or through traditional laboratory devices (headspace, purge and trap, SPME, summa canisters). The GC Accelerator is a cryofocusing inlet system that can upgrade any conventional GC into a fast GC. The affordable, simple upgrade to your existing GC. The GC Accelerator uses a cryofocusing inlet, standard columns, and the GC's electronics, software and oven for either isothermal or temperature programmed analyses.

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Portable Fast GC System for Field Environmental Monitoring and Measurement Problems
Rapid GC Analysis of Samples Desorbed from Personal Monitors for Occupational Exposure Assessment
Development of a Transportable High-Speed GC for the Assessment of Toxins in Breath
High speed gas chromatography as an improved chemical instrument