Business Identifier: digitizing handwritten information and spoken instructions
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Adapx - formerly dba Natural Interaction Systems, LLC. - offers Capturx Software designed to speed data capture and collaboration for mobile teams by turning natural speech, sketch, and handwriting into actionable data in Microsoft Office, SharePoint, CRM, ERP, GIS, Command & Control systems, and a range of other back-end systems. By simply speaking and writing, teams get instant access to structured data collected on paper, touchscreens, mobile devices, and wall displays. A range of enterprises and agencies speed workflows and reduce risk by using Capturx to bypass data transcription from paper and cumbersome keyboard- and menu-driven interfaces. Adapx is a software company spin-off of the Oregon Health and Science University specializing in developing advanced, intelligent mapping software for mission critical or mobile work settings, enabled by powerful multimodal (e.g., voice, sketch, and gesture) interaction and intelligent agent technology. The company's human-centered technology consists of a digital pen, digital paper, and design software used to annotate drawings, maps, drawings, or journals. These can then be interpreted by the software and uploaded onto a computer.

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