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VP Technologies, Inc. (VPT) has developed proprietary and advanced technologies that form the foundation of its offerings in two key business areas --- legacy VLSI processor emulations and embedded system retargeting. In the first, we license emulations (i.e., "drop-in" identical replacements) of obsolete or legacy VLSI processors of complexity ranging from several thousand to several million gates, mitigating the effect of parts shortage or obsolescence. In the second, we retarget, for defense prime customers, existing and legacy electronics systems to newer platforms, without legacy software redesign, through the use of advanced VHDL-based virtual prototyping technologies. Our intellectual property (IP) encompasses the problems of legacy design extraction, legacy design analysis, compiler efficiency and code generation, VLSI processor and board emulations, ASIC/FPGA synthesis, SmartSupplyChainTM technologies, system-level virtual prototyping & test, and rapid technology insertion. We have directed multi-million dollar internal research & development (R&D) efforts to help us understand these problems better, and thus be able to offer comprehensive, timely, and cost-effective solutions to our customers. Our work for customers from the US Air Force, US Navy, and Lockheed Martin has ensured that our capabilities and product offerings are synchronized with the current and future needs of the defense market

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Automated Functional Replacement (AFR) of Obsolete Parts Through Virtual Prototyping: A Study.