About Private Work Areas

To some extent now functioning as a Community Site - certainly by far the most comprehensive location for business related information and access to the diversity and depth of talent among SBIR-STTR involved firms - the effort here is to make available on-site private space to all those working with us and/or using the site on a regular basis.   These Private Work Areas range from

  1. Site Registered Visitors: useful no-cost presence (Dashboard) for occasional site users (retaining searches, listing profile purchases etc) and particularly those awardees needing space to be involved in any of the on-going ASSETs related activities.  These might include, for example
    • by-invitation, needs-drive Events arranged at various points during the year :  Forums, ...focused-on sessions, or the very efffective inknowvation@work® always run on the site of a the sponsoring Tech Seeker.
    • or to participate actively in examining the detail and/or providing response to an iP3 solicitation - usefully understood as a private-sector funded equivalent to an SBIR Agency Solicitation
  2. Advanced Individual:  a reasonable cost, annual account providing on-site space and other offline services for those far more actively engaged in ASSETs related endeavors to include pro-active seeking of business opportunities.  Those opting for this type of account might include
    • SBIR-involved firms
    • State SBIR Support personnel providing various services in their local catchment area
    • Agency personnel wishing to keep tabs on their applicants and awardees and/or being able to identify awardees not in their own listings but active in other agencies and having skills sets relevant to their technical needs
    • Professional Service providers - attorneys of various specialty, accountants, technology marketing personnel, federal procurement specialists etc.
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  1. Corporate Office Suite:  a-l-carte priced, this sometimes susbtantial on-site space allocation is usually part of a sophistated working relationship with us by which those in large andmid-sized corppratios tasked with external technology outreach
    • enable on a systematic and sustained basis their effective Tech Seeker involvement with SBIR awardees identified as having skills sets and capabiliities directly relevant to their needs.  
    • to provide common-source access by all relevant and related personnel in the corporation to the (regularly updated) data on all the corporation's SBIR tracking and other relationship seeking activities.
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