Specialized Searches

From the very earliest days of expanded, government wide offering of SBIR in FY 83, to support effective program implementation we began systematically to keep the SBIR record in a single, across-all-agency system. These data were subsequently tranferred to a powerful and sophisticated relational database which now include the detail of almost 90,000 projects having received, to date, over $31B in award dollars and involving over 19,000 firms.  Awardee data now include extensive information on a range of business condition factors and documented technology capabilities. In major part, these data are exclusive to this site.

Awards and Awardee Focus:
Through the early SBIR years, emphasis was primarily on Awards - who was being funded to do what and by whom. Monitoring Awards distribution data continues to be important - particularly as that involves needing ready access to the most recent award listings and Phase II conversions and, for many in federal procurement, getting a handle on the areas of technology interest in the agencies. Hence, for many for whom this tracking is useful, the convenience of being able to do this in a single system that is accurate and complete is the primary reason for regular Site Usage. Those with this interest usually settle on a no-cost/low-cost Individual Account.

Technological Capabilities and Business Opportunities:
Given important structural changes in the economy and the trend towards some variation of the partnering and alliance model of business development across most industry segments, of considerable and growing interest now are the SBIR Awardees themselves - who they are, what they have and, perhaps even more important, what they are capable of doing.

In addition to following the awards money trail, therefore, the major percentage of our time and resources are focused to systematic compilation of various other data - technical achievement, demonstrated technology competencies and a range of business related matters - on all those firms which are, or have previously been, SBIR-involved.

Who are using these more sophisticated search capabilites?
There is growing recognition that among SBIR Awardees are talented (small) firms working on the leading edge of their fields. This makes searching in these elements of our system of considerable interest to those:

in larger firms with technology transfer responsibility, charged with keeping their finger on the pulse of new developments potentially important in their space
seeking potential collaborations with some of these firms
OR - particularly for SBIR Awardees - simply wanting to keep track on the competition
in the financial and professional services community concerned with monitoring technology trends and identifying potential business opportunities